Support and promote!

We encourage sponsors to support nutriment and entertainment for the sprinters as they work hard and play hard for five productive days. Contributions will be put towards lunch, snacks, and dinner costs for the sprinters, and potentially bringing in sprinters who might otherwise be unable to attend. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to OSGeo or used for a future code sprint.

Sponsorship Levels

We have three sponsorship levels (excluding VAT):

Sponsorship Package

The sponsorship package includes the following honors:

Custom Packages

Individual packages can be tailored to meet your personal requirements (e.g. substituting the slot at the sprint with flyer distribution). We're open to discuss your ideas.

Discount for Early Sponsors

For sponsors committing and paying their invoice before January 10th 2014 we offer a discount of 10%.


If you're interested or have any questions please contact Stephan Meissl via mail, IRC (StephanMeissl on freenode), or @schpidi on twitter.