Status update 4 - Invitation organization meeting

Hi sprinters, lots of things have happened here in Vienna since my last status update, please find a brief summary below. Besides I’d like to invite everybody to a planning and organization meeting via IRC (#tosprint on freenode) on Thursday, February 6, at 6pm CET. It’s a bit early in the states but I hope not too early.

Probably the most interesting update is the successful negotiation of hotel blocks. Please see the wiki for detailed information including number of rooms and beds. Feel free to coordinate room shares via the wiki.

The second big update is that the GRASS GIS PSC decided to officially join the code sprint providing great opportunities for joint activities.

Let’s hope we’re not blasting the capacities of our venue as at the time of writing already 64 participants have registered. I’m sure we can squeeze in additional chairs but the wireless bandwidth… ;) Seriously, it’s really great to attract so many excellent developers.

Finally, many thanks and welcome to the following new sponsors:


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