Status update 6

Hi sprinters, the preparations are in their final stage and in just one week the welcome party will be in full swing. This is my final status update including directions to the code sprint venue as well as an invitation to a small ice breaker on Sunday evening for those already in Vienna.

The venue is not far from the center of Vienna (~25min via train and subway) and can be reached easily from the Vienna international airport via train.

From the airport take the train S-Bahn S7 going to Wien Floridsdorf and exit at Praterstern (~30min). Make sure to avoid the CAT as it doesn’t bring you to Praterstern and I consider it too costly for gaining just 10 minutes.

From Praterstern take the subway U-Bahn U2 going to Seestadt and exit at Stadlau. Now either take a 15 minutes walk to the venue or take the bus Autobus 86A going to Breitenleer Straße/Arnikaweg or 87A going to Hermann-Gebauer-Straße and exit at Genochplatz.

From Praterstern instead of the U2 you can also take the subway U-Bahn U1 particularly when going to the Hotel Hillinger. Take the U1 going to Leopoldau and exit at Kagran. Now take the tram Straßenbahn 25 going to Oberdorfstraße or the bus Autobus 26A going to Großenzersdorf and exit at Polgarstraße for the Hotel Hillinger or continue to Konstanziagasse for the code sprint venue.

If you’re in Vienna already on Sunday you’re invited to join us for a small ice breaker starting from 7pm at Green - Cafe-Wok-Grill-Restaurant which is located next to the sprint venue. You will see the signs when you enter the plaza of Star22.

On Monday we will start 9ish with some sort of “official” opening around 10.

As always don’t hesitate to contact me in case of any questions. I’m looking forward to welcome you all in Vienna next week.


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