Wireless usage statistics

In exchange for the returned feedback sheets about the wireless network our venue sponsor provided some usage statistics. In total we have downloaded around 140 GB of data and the client connection durations add up to 4900 hours from more than 300 unique clients.

The figure below shows the number of connected clients over time using 5 minutes intervals with the highest peak on Tuesday afternoon with more than 120 simultaneously connected clients.

The second figure shows the cumulative throughput of all clients over time. During the day we used constantly between 5 and 10 Mbps with peaks above 17 Mbps.

The total download volume per client reveals some heavy users where the winner downloaded almost 13GB but also a fairly big number of clients with rather low download volume.

As I’m not a statistics expert please let me know if you’re interested in any other analysis I’ll gladly try to provide.

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