Status update 7

Hi sprinters, more than two weeks have gone by since the Vienna Code Sprint and I hope everybody has fully recovered from the intense week after a safe trip home. In this final status update I’d like to share some highlights as well as some personal lessons learned.

We did two press releases in German to reach out to local media, [one at the beginning] ( and [one afterwards] (

For the international audience we sent two entries to OSGeo News, again one at the beginning as well as one afterwards. The later one includes a more comprehensive list of highlights and achievements. Both entries (1, 2) have also been sent to the announce mailing list.

There are some further interesting statistics besides the wireless usage:

If you’re interested in photos and comments try a search for #viennacodesprint14 on [twitter] (

We did really well with our budget and will return a considerable amount to OSGeo to support future sprints.

Since I was asked for, please find below some personal lessons learned from an organizing point of view:

Maybe those points are a helpful input to a Code Sprint Cookbook. Please feel free to copy them for your needs.

I want to thank everybody who participated at the sprint and made it a great event.

Once again I want to shout out a big thank you to our sponsors. I still have a few coaster left, ping me if you’re interested.

Last but not lease I want the say many thanks for all the positive feedback!

cu Stephan

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